Friday, 26 August 2011

WIP - Hasegawa Virtual ON 1/100 Myzr Delta Part 5 - Arms and Weapon

We got shoulders, now we got hands. And stuff for the hands to hold....

Partlist for the right arm. Other than the wing tips, most things are separated pretty much by colour.

As usual, Light blue are painted in. wing tip is painted in white as well. Note the elbow joint. It is a rather unique design that is rather sturdy, as it uses the sliding friction of the polycap through the POM bar to hold its position.

Right Arm Completed

Articulation range is reasonable for a Hasegawa kit (or Kotobukiya in fact). 90degree elbow, arm raise just below horizontal, more or less full rotation at shoulder, full rotation below shoulder and ball joint wrist.

Beside closed fist for left and right hand, there is also a saluting left hand that could double as the beam knives holding hand as seen in the game (not included though....), and a holding hand with a molded in handle. What is that handle for I wonder....

Why it's his right hand weapon of course! Myzr's right hand weapon is composed of the 2 nosecones in it's transformed mode. In game the 2 tips arc between themselves to fire a rapid fire beam vulcan. It can also charge into a continous straight beam, or into a energy sword for close range combat. Where we have the parts for 1 nosecone.

Annoyingly, there are a LOT of paint missig this time, namely the entire front cone that is supposedly purple are molded in white all for the sake of 1 small line of light blue. A lot of white paint is needed on the pink pars as well that could have been molded in white instead...

The extra painting work means only 1 arm and 1 nosecone is completed this week...

But in anycase, we are nearly there. beside the arm and weapon, the only parts left are the backpack, waist armor, head and several more transformation pieces. And so next week we will take it a bit slowly, and look at the backpacks.

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