Monday, 22 August 2011

WIP - Hasegawa Virtual ON 1/100 Myzr Delta Part 4 - Shoulder

A bit late, but here's the next section of the kit: from the exciting torso to .....shoulder.... or at least I think it is the shoulder....

Starting with the main partlist for the shoulder. The 2 shoulders share these identical pieces.

Because the Shoulder is not particularly interesting and require a bit more painting, I might as well show some WIP painting here.

This kit is molded in Pink, Purple, Ivory white and Grey. Although quite a number of parts are separated by colour (as seen on the legs and torso), some are not. The thinner wing surfaces type parts for example are molded in 1 colour - Pink. Therefore a reasonable of purple and white paints are required to make the kit fully accurate.

Light blue is completely missing on this kit, and any pieces that are supposedly blue are all molded in Ivory white. At least Blue can cover White pretty easily. Glad that it is not the other way round....

I use mainly Water acrylic based Citadel paint because of the lack of (or very little) fume and easy to clean property. It is also not the best covering paint. So the purple here would require 2-3 layer to cover the pink plastic completely.

Just for record if anyone is interested. I use:
Warlock Purple for Pink (darker than the plastic)
Liche Purple for purple (slightly darker than the plastic)
Ice Blue for Light Blue (pretty much spot on according to the colour scheme)

And the Shoulder is Complete---not.... The white shoulder piece is actually half purple and half blue. So more painting....

Now these parts are different between left and right.

Shoulder is now completed. And it looks nothing like a robot shoulder at all....

Much easier to comprehend when it is assembled onto the torso.

And here are, the shoulder armor and joint. The next stage would be the rest of the arm.

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