Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Chopsticks Kohiru Review


Unarmed Form

Kohiru's paint scheme has a very oriental style to it.
Once again, the MMS 3rd Small body gives her loads of articulations

As the theme suggests, Kohiru comes with parts fo form a pair of chopsticks (and rest!). Unfortunately the plastic is not food safe grade, so you can NOT use them...

2 facial expressions: Left: smiling (giggling?) Right: neutral
Right: Weapon: ???

close up to the painted detail on the body

Armed Form

The armed form mortif is heavily influenced by Taiko drummer.

Default mounting point for the chopsticks are on the leg armors....

.... but as this is Busou Shinki, You can mount it anywhere as long as there is a peg hole.

Weapon: Twin swords/clubs
Formed from the tip of the chopsticks

Weapons: Rifle.
Formed from the back half of the chopstick and the waist holder. Like the swords there are 2 of them.

With a bit of imagination other combination can be achieved. Like a twin long lance mode for example?



Everyone is a bit confused when Kohiru and her wavemate Merienda are announced because of their themes (Chopsticks and Spoon). but once you think about it, by making their equipment to be in scale of the real life counterpart, theming around everyday life objects suddenly makes a lot more sense.

While the 2 wavemates are both pretty well executed, Kohiru is probably less popular. Her armed mode configuration is a bit cumbersome to look at and pose, and compared to Merienda, her equipments seems to have less configurations and are seemingly less useful.

All in all, Kohiru is probably only appealing to those liking her theme and her unique look. The colouring is bright and detailing are crisp and attractive, and definitrly look nice in the display carbinet, or even on the dinnnig table! (shame the chopsticks are not useable though.....)

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