Friday, 2 September 2011

WIP - Hasegawa Virtual ON 1/100 Myzr Delta Part 6 - Boosters

We are getting there... with both arms and weapons completed, time to look at the Boosters...

Partlist for 1 booster. A lot of the clear green parts go into this section.

Painting in the black detail...

... then the rest of the colour...

Completed booster in standby position

Booster open up.

It's a shame that the clear parts don't shine back very well.

Assembled to the body. At this stage the main body is complete, and although the kit stands well by itself, I think it's time to add a bit of support just in case using a Saint Seiya base (really it's just a slightly taller Bandai Figure standing base)

One down, one more to go.

While the rest of the kit are very sturdy with joints that more or less support poses, here at the booster everything feels... floppy.

The booster is jointed to the kit very securely and the whole boost move and pose very well in relation to the main body, BUT the purple bars and the lower part of the booster are not. they are on swivel joints with NO frictions, so they just open and close as gravity dictate. To resolve some of this, I added a bit of superglue to thicken the pegs, so now they do try to stay in poses. If I know this sooner I would have add magnets inside them to hold them in place. Oh well... this work... I guess...

Next update would be the final section, the head and skirt armor. Then hopefully we will risk a transformation (The transformation could be a one off, so stay tune!)

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