Friday, 8 July 2011

SD 022 Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam + Zetsuen 真 紅蓮装 曹操ガンダム + 絶影 Review



Unarmed Form

Horse - Zetsuen 絶影

Armed From - Cloaked
Sword: 炎骨刃

Wings Lowered

Wings Deployed

Final Attack: 大紅蓮斬

3rd Sovereign Spirit - Phoenix 雀瞬の魂 - 鳳熾魂

Emperor Form: Kibutei Gurensou Sousou Gundam
機武帝 紅蓮装 曹操ガンダム

Combined Sword Mode - 鳳凰七星槍


Finally, another leading general is acquired. The first one being Goutaitei Sonken Gundam, the one that started my new crave for SD Gundam. *shake fist at SD kits* you money grabbing #@;..<>'!!

Anyway, I am glad that when the Brave Battle Warrior anime was announced I decided to hold out on getting the kits of the main leads, hearing the rumor that they will recieve upgraded form. In the end, of all the upgraded form, only Makousou Sonken can be considered slightly disappointing, all the others are vastly improved, especially Sousou.

Sousou, themed after the Gundam DX, finally got a set of wings worthy of an embodiment of a phoenix. The armors are in general evolved in looks. You can see the old Sousou in him, just more stylish, with a slightly taller proportion. Accessory wise, a pointing and open-palm right hand is included, as well as a flame effect piece to represents the flame coming out of his sword in his final attack. It's nice to have, but I would prefer the flame to look more dramatic, right now it looks a bit... wimpy.

Also included in the set is Sousou's ride Zetsuen. Essentially the same as the standard Sangokuden horse, it was given a new neck, head, tail, armor and lower limbs to set it apart. The new parts gives it new articulation at the head and the hooves. Unfortunately, Zetsuen is still looking a bit small for the riders, but that holds true for all horses in SD Sangokuden line.

As if Bandai has predicted they will make an Sangokuden anime and an upgraded Sousou 2 years ago when the original model kit line started, Gurensou Sousou Gundam has with him the final piece required to form the 3rd Sovereign Spirit, the Phoenix also with Souhi and Jokou. and with all the parts, the new Emperor form Sousou Gundam can be formed (yet to be confirmed to be official).

The new Emperor form is also an evolution to the original due to the new armor pieces layout. The one drawback though is that the wings are silver instead of gold, so it's not a perfect match to the overall look. But neither was the red cape original Sousou had.

So all in all, Would I recommend this set? YES. being a larger set it is more expensive, you do get a lot mroe out of this set. There are a reasonable amount of stuff to be painted, but it is mainly gold, silver and crimson red, and the majority can be skipped using the included stickers.

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