Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Angel - Arnval Mk2 Tempesta Review

Base body and optional hairs and faces

"Light Armor" Mode

Armor Vehicle Mode

Official Armor Configuration: "Pegasus"

Official Armor Configuration: "Unicorn"

Configuration using Bonus Parts


The latest iteration of Arnval, probably the most re-designed Busou Shinki so far alongside her wave mate Strarf. Unlike all of the prior release though, Arnval Mk2's regular release is actually the black repaint version, while the original white colour Arnval Mk2 is actually a special bundle release.

So what do you get from this Mk2 release? Arnval Mk2 comes in the from od MMS 3rd Tall body, 3 facial expression (normal, sleeping, shouting), 3 hairstyle (short hair, tied up, and long tail), and enough armor pieces that you will struggle to decide where to mount them on. Officially on the instruction 2 configurations are offered: Pegasus and Unicorn Mode.

Pegasus Mode seems to be gun based, with the big gun on the left arm and a underarm mounted carbine-esque beam gun on the right arm. Unicorn Mode on the other hand looks to be melee orientated, with a large beam blade and a thick shield as main armament. But beside all ther, there are also 2 beam saber, 2 daggers and 4 remote sword bits (2 activated, 2 inactive) to play around with.

Also in the instruction is the armor vehicle mode. However, the one created following the instruction is a bit dull, so the picture shown above is a configuration I thought up, having decided to try showing all the beam effect parts in one go.

The Tempesta released also offer several new bonus parts into the mix, with an add on blade for the carbine, new pointed end piece for the leg armors and a new style of head gear.

Now here is the one and only complain I have: she is expensive. compared to the original Arnval, she is easily 2500yen more. This really could put buyer off if they are new to the franchise. For those who collect Busou Shinki though, this is probably one of the must have.

Unless you are rich and decide to get the PSP's Busou shinki Battle Master 2 + Arnval + Strarf Bundle of course....

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