Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bandai SD 327 Souhi Gundam - 曹丕 ガンダム Review

Unarmed Form

Armed Form

Main weapon - 黒翼刀

1 of 3 Sovereign Symbolic Weapon - 威天剣 (Gold)、星凰剣 (Blue)

Shoulder Armor combined into Shield Form

Final Attack Weapon Formation - 光天七星戟


Released in the original "SD Sangokuden" line, Souhi Gundam did show up in the Bravve Battle Warrior anime right at the end for several minutes to give out a speech in place of Sousou. But boor Souhi didn't even got a CGI model, he was hand drawn and rather simplified as well....

But onto the model. Souhi is a pretty good value for money kit. Decent amount of armor and weapon pieces allows for a great number of weapon configurations. Its gimmick with Sousou and Jokou also add to its value.

Souhi overall has a rather detailed colour scheme, with a great number of parts in gold. As usual, I suggest all the gold colour to be painted.

Oh, and clear green plastic parts for the chest piece and gems on the 2 swords are a nice touch.

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