Tuesday, 28 June 2011

SD 026 Shin Jokou Serpent - 真 徐晃 サーペント review

Unarmed Form with Large Axe - 鋏刃戟

Armed Form with Twin Axes - 豪鉄火

Back view and "Phoenix Wings" parts - 鳳熾翼
Twin Axes in Long Halberd Mode - 双鉄火

Twin Axes in shield mode - 鉄火盾
Final Attack Form -鉄火錬武

Final Attack - 鉄火地雷衝


In the Sangokuden storyline, Jokou Serpent is a general who is recruited to join Sousou after the defeat of Toutaku. Jokou is depicted as a loyal general with great compassion to his troop, which match his historical counterpart pretty well.

As a model, Jokou Serpent is a decent kit. Armor part count is below average due to most parts count towards the "Phoenix Wings", but his weapon is versatile with many combinations. The final attack form might look a bit odd for some, but it definitely fit the term "Serpent", and once knowing that it is suppose to be a "Ground Shockwave" attack, it makes a lot more sense.

Colour wise Jokou Serpent comes with stickers for most of the silver trims, but would benefit with some painting, mainly for the gold trims, albeit they are pretty easy to do. The only things to watch out for are the red "gems" on the "Phoenix Wings".

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