Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Reaper Miniature Karamor Guardian Dragon Review (Painted)

I'm back, with something different.

Every now and then, I would like to build something I'm not used to, to add some variety to the hobby. One of those that I visit every now and then is miniatures, mainly sci-fi, but I did once touch upon a fantasy dragon by Game Workshop. And as great as the experience was, it was too expensive. So I have venture to something else, and come across Reaper Miniature's BONES series.

But we will talk about BONES series later. The first figure I have bought from them is actually a metal figure, names Karamor, Guardian Dragon.

 Much smaller in stature to the Game Workshop's High Elf Lord on Dragon, this figure, however, will not loose out on details.

Scales cover the dragon throughout, with different scale type for the back and the belly. bone spikes, horns and claws are all presents and some being very sharp.

In fact, the only part I think the detail is too vague would be the back feet, which are coiled up, but the ridges between the toes are not too well defined on the soles of the feet.

The detail on the head is great too, from the ears down to the teeth, tongue and nostril. The teeth are a little bit of a cheat though, as they are not standing independently at full length, rather they are details backed by a wall of, with a small amount sticking out of the wall. So be careful when painting the teeth, make sure only the teeth are painted and nothing else.

The Karamor dragon does have an independent stand designed fro the tail to attach onto, but because Karamor Dragon is so top heavy, it is a better idea to then attach the stand to a bigger base piece.

The base is puttied, painted and fake grass and rocks stuck on with superglue.

The entire dragon is done by hand (except for the base sprayed on matte black coat), a lot of the paint is done via dry-brushing technique, followed by washes.

Te dry brushing works especially well for scales.

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