Friday, 21 August 2015

Resin Kit Shirasagi (From Ikaruga) WIP

Here is a recap of a little ambitious resin kit I have built up to go with my Ikaruga

The Shirasagi resin kit has been on the recast market for a while and gather little attention, And it's of little surprise, because the subject of matter, the Shirasagi, is not even in the Ikaruga game this machine came from!

Shirasagi is, according to the game manual, the machine the protagonist of Ikaruga originally fly and was shot down in when him and his fellow army attempted to fight the Big Bad of the game. As such, the only thing the sculptor had to go by is a few concept art sketch.

The end result is still pretty good, from the outside, there seems to be reasonable amount of detail that makes it look good next to the Kotobukiya Ikaruga model kit. HOWEVER, the internal and undercarriage mechanical details are rather blocky and non-descriptive.

The sculptor is also pretty ambitious, trying to add joint points onto the side armor mounting, and even double jointing all the the feather like wings

But at the end, it is just too ambitious, with resin kit like this, the joints becomes easily mis-moulded and become unusable. At the end I have to pin and fixed all the joints in place.

To add more detail to the undercarriage, I have glued some extra and spares from other model kits in.

Mechanical details are sprayed black, then airbrushed with grey and light grey highlight. Mechanical parts are hand painted silver, and the "sword" is painted gold.

The resin kit only comes with a single engine, but then leave a big empty space between the exhaust. So a pair or Bandai Option thrusters are added.

A rough set up of the kit. Armor parts are all painted in white with light blue as shadings. The kit now can no longer stand flat on the ground. so a stand is needed....


... so I make it out of scrap pieces I have left over from the Wave hanger set. parts are deliberately files, chipped and bent to indicate destruction and weather. Some metal scrap from work acts as the base and the metal struct in the middle on the stand.


After the black primer, the rest is painted by hand with grey, gunmetal and dry brushed brown and orange. Black and brown washes are used through out.

The base is painted with Citadel's Martian Ironearth technical paint, which is designed to crack when dried.

Finished kit on the next update.....

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