Saturday, 16 May 2015

Bandai Majin Bone Wolf Bone Review (Unpainted)

Product name: Wolf Bone
Manufacturer: Bandai
Grade/Sub-line: Majin Bone
Series of origin: Majin Bone
Scale: Non-scale
MSRP: 1000yen
Release date: July 2014

Third time lucky! After the sticker frenzy of Tiger Bone and Leo Bone, here is one that has barely any stickers, and lots of color separation by plastic!

Wolf Bone most distinctive feature is his spikes over his shoulders, forerarms and knees armor. Along with the zig-zags armor partings on his legs and the clusters of upward pointing points on the back of the ankles, Wolf Bone looks like he is going very fast even when he is standing still.

While possessing no weapons, Wolf Bone is shown to swipe at enemy with his own hands as well as using the spikes on his knee and claws at the feet. So it's a good thing that the open hands are standard on all Majin Bone kit, and that his articulation is on par with Leo Bone, with very little restriction to his movement beside spreading his legs. The spikes on the shoulders do sometimes get in the way with the head articulation, but nothing serious.

The best thing about Wolf Bone is his color separation on his chest. Beside an upward orange "boomerang" symbol, which is represented in stickers, all the other colour are here in plastic. 

Out of the 3 Bone Fighters I have built so far, Wolf bone is definitely the top of the list. With a very good look OOB and lower reliant on stickers, couple with above par articulations. Let's see if Shark and Dragon Bone can top this...

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