Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Aoshima 1/24 Garland - Completed

Overall View

Close Up


This model is a great learning experience for me. I haven't build a car model for a long time, and last time I did even know what I was doing, so it is pretty different this time round. Suprisingly (or not) the greatest challenge here are:

Masking Tapes - Poor quality masknig tapes REALLY won't do... I ran out of the Tamiya Masking Tapes and thoought that I will use the more generic stuff to finish the job. IT DOES NOT. generic masking tapes simply let paint bleed through, and I spent a long time cheaning the mess up.

Paint care near glue - Aoshima is not known for part shape accuracy, so part of the body are twisted and wasn't fitting naturally, so gluing become a chore and since all the parts needs to be painted before gluing, the glue ruin part of the paint job pretty badly......

But all in all, I love what I achieved here. This was supposed to be a practice piece before I move on to Nu- Asurada and Ogre, but this has grown on me as well.

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