Sunday, 9 November 2014

Aoshima 1/24 Garland WIP2 - PAINTS!!!

And Masking Tapes...

The Chassis is very simple to assemble. No Majorly complicated parts or tine detailing pieces. So after a bit of gluing and sanding of seam lines,the chassis assembly is ready to be painted. First is a primer coat of Chaos Black matte black spray paint....

...... brake discs/drums are painted silver. The calipers are painted red.

The drum parts are then coasted with a bit of Tamiya clear coat.

Driver seat is hand painted with Codex grey. a bit of silver is also sued for the mechanical details near the seat.

The body shell at the mean time is primed with a matte white car primer. It takes about 3 coats to cover the blue plastics underneath.

The parts are then masked with masking tapes in preparation for spraying the blue parts with Tamiya Mica Blue......

.... except it failed on a few parts. The masking tapes used were not model grade, and they are prone to leeching at a few locations..

The good news though is that the problem is only on a fews spots. the rest of the kits are masked very well.

The BAD news though, is that the Mica Blue can ran out! I original bought this spray can just for this kit, but that was 2-3 years ago, and since then I encountered situations that will benefit with this colour, and used it bit by bit. So now there is no spare! So instead of re-mask and respray a small part of the kit....

.... I re-mask the whole kit and respray ALL the blue parts with a new paint. Humbrol Baltic Blue. It is not a bad colour, but it is just not as vibrant and exciting as the Mica Blue. The Metal flakes here are bigger and are not converted to a blue hue as well as the Mica Blue did.

Well... No point to dwell on this. So next is masking area reading for small details, the orange fog lights and red brake lights. The area  are masked, and black and silver are applied to the spot by hand.

Once dried, clear orange and red are used over the silver. The end results looks good from a far, but at close up the lumpy surface, due ti the nature of hand-painting,shows through.

Next on the list is red , This time round the red ius airbrushed on. It is still matte paints, but the airbrush makes the surface very smooth.

The Citadel Blood Red replacement is also very vibrant, a great choise for a racing car.

So next will be clear coating and assembly,

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