Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Bandai Sprukit Level3 Batman (Arkham City Version) Review - Unpainted

I think this deserves a bit more publicity.

The Sprukit Level 3 Batman is essentially a MG Figurise model kit with a bit less gimmick. Think back to the MG Figurise Goku or Luffy, and you are about there. most body parts are composed of 2 halves, except for mechanical detail parts like the gauntlets and leg guards. Initially you would think this is a bit cheap and low on part count, but then considering these are mostly arms and legs, then having less parts and less seam lines is actually a good choice decision.



Joints and articulations are, again, very similar to MG Figurise. Batman here can do almost all the action pose you woudl axpect a human body can achieve. But then, this is Batman we are talking about, so there is one draw back: Kneeling. While the model kit can kneel reasonably well, it still can't achieve that "low crotch on top of the Gargoyle" pose that Batman is very iconic to do.


Plastic quality is as expected from Bandai Japan, and mould detail is pretty good overall. What is missing though, is some surface details for the cloths all over his body. As is, the body suit is very bland and plastiky, only improved slightly by the muscle sculpting and stitchlines. Not a problem for me, as I am used to paint kits with matt primer and paint that generate a texture effect. Another slight gripe for me is that the fabric cape the kit comes with is too small. Batman's cape is known to act as his - glider, night camo, bullet shield, etc. It should be wide enough to wrap around himself.

Overall though, I think this is a great step up by Bandai America, and I am very eager to see more from them.

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