Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gundam Draught continue here... Cyber Formula Anyone? Aoshima 1/24 Garland WIP1

Time to expand my range by revisiting one of my past failure: model car

For those not familiar with the animated series, "Future Grand Prix: Cyber Formula" is a TV series + 4 OVA series centered around a futuristic F1 style racing series, where computer assistance are allowed and power is almost unlimited, and new technology are encourage (unless it removes the driver from the core controls: steering, acceleration, braking and gear change)

The Garland here is an addition to the team of focus in the OVA series, the SUGO Racing. a simplified vehicle compared to the leading edge machine of the Asurada-11, this machine has no transformation gimmick, but reduced weight and weight balancing is used to its advantage. Still retained in the design is the twin booster pods, which increase the engine intake pressure and power beyond safe sustained operation level, and is therefore only for straight line overtake situation.

Aoshima here has molded the model in blue and black plastics, with small amount of grey and clear plastic. Odd choice, since the car features plenty of white, and would have help modeller a lot more to start on a kit with pale plastic pieces.

 Oddly though, although there are grey plastics, the wheels are not molded on that spruce, and is on the blue plastic again..

Decals for car 10 and 2 are available, as I believe the car is run for 2 seasons in the story,

Rubber tyres are provided. A nice touch.

As I can't stand seeong the blue wheels, the first thing I do was spraying the wheels with black primer, then with Plastikote Super Metallic Chrome Silver paint.

More on part 2.

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