Monday, 10 March 2014

Bandai SD Shin Kakuka Virsago - 郭嘉

Finally got a chance to take some photo.

- The model is primed in Citadel Chaos Black spray can.
- Red is done by heavy "drybrushing" of Merchrite Red, followed by Red Gore, then a very faint amount of Warlock Purple.
- Blue is done with Macragge Blue, Altdorf Guard Blue and finally a faint amount of Ice Blue.
- Silver is just Boltgun Metal then a bit of Mithril Silver
- Gold is done with Balthalsar Gold and Gahenna Gold.
- Tamiya Clear green for the gems, forhead camera and spider eyes.

The "Unarmed" Form

The Phoenix, Symbol of Sousou's Country "Giga" is on the head crest.

The Spider Support Mech

Pegholes under Kakuka's feet designed to plug onto the Spider Mech

"Armed" Form

How many Spider faces can you spot on him?



A hidden face concealed by the helmet is used for this form.

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