Friday, 21 March 2014

KO - SD Chousen Qubeley review (Painted) 貂嬋

Taken me a while, but it's done...

Front View 

Side View 

Back View
Chousen Qubeley do not have an unarmed/armed mode to speak of, although the shoulder armours and the hair can technically be taken off.

Weapon - Fans 

the asymmetrical design of the Qubeley shoulder is translated into here.....
.... and so is the difficulty in painting... The flowers on one shoulder is a separate piece to be painted separately. The other side however is one piece with a curve stripe patterns with no easy way to mask for painting...

Chest piece is originally in one solid gold-orange colour, and would require painting to look good. Stickers are provided, but as a Knock Off, the dimension match is poor.

.....I'm glad to gotten a hold of this kit. At least now I have this elusive character in my collection. The kit is not the best thanks to being a Knock Off, but also due to the design of the character. With no extra mode or weaponry to play with, Chousen is pretty barren in terms of fun factor or gimmick. The Qubeley design also inhibit its articulation.

So, as it turns out, the most fun you will get from this kit is the painting! The big curve pieces on the shoulder, arm, fans and skirts are great place to try airbrushing gradient effects, and the chest is a fun hand painting challenge.

So yeah, take this as a warning. It will look unique on your shelf, just be ready to do some painting. A LOT of painting....

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