Monday, 10 February 2014

Bandai 1/144 HGUC EMS-10 Zudah Review (Unpainted + Painted)

The Underdog of Zeon, rise again.

Video Review Part 1 (Unpainted)

Video Review Part 2 (Painted)


Here's the Zudah with it's full load out. 

Beside holding the Stick Grenade, the shield also double as a ram spike for melee attack. 

Befitting the image of a propaganda MS, it is loaded with mostly borrowed weapons, such as the Zaku machinegun and Zaku Heat Hawk. 

More unique though is the Anti-ship gun, which dwarf the Zudah with ease. 

Modifications and Painting

Eye sticker is replaced with a gem sticker.

Not the greatest, but it does look good when it catch light from the right angle. 

Taken apart before painting 

Blue parts are painted with "The Fang" primer from Citadel spray can. A mix of Regal blue, Spece Wolf Grey, Codex Grey and White are mix and aisbrushed on. 

minor level of shading shows through near the panel lines. 

Most seam lines are removed with glue and sand paper. Some that are not easy to removed are resculpt and widen to make them into proper panel lines.

Thinned brown wash is used to darken panel lines. After a floss varnish coat, bandai 1/144 Zeon Decal set 2 is used. Finally the kit is sealed with Citadel Purity Seal spray varnish. 

This is my first Zeon suit model kit, and I am glad it is. The Zudah's background makes it rather special. Although it only shows up for about 2 episodes in the OVA "MSIgloo", like a lot of mecha in that series, it leaves people with a rather deep impression.

The hasty refit and deployment is shown on the kit's design, with part blocky, part curvy design, weapons that look right on him, but yet also out of place. The colour scheme is also very simple, although those more adventurous can definitely go for the camo pattern scheme shown on the manual. In my case, I go for the Unit 4 scheme which has no camo pattern, mainly for this particular unit's appearance in the OVA series.

Overall the kit is solid, sturdy, with most seamlines easy to address or hide. The generous weapon count and gimmicks also makes it a rather good value for money kit. Recommended to all.

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  1. Nice painting !
    I really like this Zudah.