Thursday, 4 July 2013

Resin Kit - Full Action Anryu - A Bit of Work in Progress (Update 17/7/2013)

Almost ready....

~ First 3 weeks...

This has taken about 3 weeks just to get all the joints fit. But it's coming together.


 As it turns out, the braids parts for her head are a bit too narrow to be drilled out. so the alternative approach is chosen: make new one out of twist tie wires and craft shoelaces.

~ Week 4....

As it turns out, a part is missing from the kit. a decorative piece on the side of the torso. so a scrap piece of plastic is used.


 The braids are done. Another piece of wire is going to be used as her antenna.

~ Weeks 5... 

 Painting!. all these parts are sprayed black, then lightly with metallic blue. grey and joint details are handbrushed Boltgun Metal. The lavender parts were originally going to be metallic purple, but unfortunately I can't find a suitable clear purple paint. So I ended up with normal acrylic Ice Blue + Warlock Purple + White paint, then coat it with gloss clear paint.

 Lower legs

 Shoulder and lower arms


 Lower torso

 Upper Torso

~ Week 6
 Put the part together, and it looks good enough, until....

 ...I notice this..... The paint didn't dry completely before handling.... so off to repaint this part goes.

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