Thursday, 25 July 2013

GGG Final Full Action Resin Kit Anryu Review

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Close Up

Action Pose




Well, this has taken a lot more time than I thought. As a 15cm tall full action resin kit this is probably the most fiddly Resin kit I have ever built. Fortunately the cast is relatively good. The problem comes when the joints are installed. Most of the trouble comes from the hip joints, which is fragile due to them holding up the main weight of the kit, with very little room for the installed joints to stick to.
the original kit was moulded with very thick thighs and oversize chests. To get them to a proportion I like, I have file and shave them down by several size. Still, the thighs looks a bit thick even with all that work.
Overall though I am happy with the result. Only recommended to experienced modellers only.

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