Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bandai LBX Ikaros Force Model Kit Review

Video Review

Front View

Head Detail. Stickers are included for eyes. Here it is painted

Torso Detail. Note the extra ball joint below the leg joints for added articulation.

Rear View.

Thrusters behind hip and shoulders.

Wings are muld in white with black backing pieces, grey and green details around the wings are painted on and are not included as stickers.

Weapons: Force Blades

Weapon Mode.

Stand is included to pose Ikaros Force in mid-air as both Humanoid and Weapon Mode. This also helps when posing other LBX seilding Ikaros Force.

All LBX shoudl be able to grip the handle. Attack Function: Meteor Breaker.

Action Pose

As 1 of the only 2 (so far) LBX with a weapon mode, Ikaros Force gain not just the play-ability in its Weapon Form, but in its articulation as well. The improvements are mostly on the legs, with full bend on double knee joints and addition thigh swivel and tilt due to the ball poly-cap below the hip joints. Beside that, the wrist joint range of motion also increased, and the additional hands allows for more dynamic pose when wielding its twin swords.

Overall Ikaros Force has enough colour when built straight out of the box, with the majority of the missing colour covered with stickers. However there are also enough tiny detail that makes it  preferable to go around with a few different Gundam markers. But beside that, Ikaros Force is a fine kit for beginners and
experts alike.

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