Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kotobukiya Jehuty HD Edition Review (Painted)

Close up. Note that the eye visor is missing. I am in the process of getting custom piece made.

Waist detail. Light blue panel lines are used to convey the "Metatron Line Glow" in the game.

Flight mode.

the armor on the back are sparse, showing off the golden interior and scale like platings.

Despite the look, there are a series of very clever joints at the hip and knee that increase its articulation without sacrifice the overall visual.

A lot of detail on the nack of the legs.

Thruster effect parts.

A number of clear parts are hidden in this kit. But the mose obvious ones are the shoulder tips.

Along with the thruster effect parts, the HD Edition also has the Ring Radar and 6 Missiles that are not available on the original kit.

All te missiles are on ball joints, which are on the Ring Radar track, so there are a lto of posing options.

Jehuty, and Zone of the Enders series in general, has some very interesting mecha design, and Kotobukiya is probably the best at realising them in model kit forms.

Throughout this kits are very clever joint system that re-create the dynamic and organic pose of Jehuty, without going so deep as to create an inner frame. this is good, because the slim aesthetic of Jehuty would probably make an inner frame very thin and fragile.

While the original and the HD Edition differs only by the armor colour (grey on the original, light blue for the HD Edition) and a few effect parts, the effect parts really bring out a more "complete" feel to the kit. Even with the higher price tag, it is still recommended.

As for painting, this kit is completely colour separated into parts, it makes spray painting very easy. The gold plastics, as is for all plastic kit, aren't very gold like (it's more like orange in this case). So even if you are not keen on painting the whole kit, I would still recommend getting a bottle of Tamiya Gold spray can and go over them all, then protect it with a coat of clear spray can.

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