Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bandai Figure Rise 6 Silver Crow Review (Painted)

Laser Sword



Wings deployed

Boosted Punch

Compared to Black Lotus, Silver Crow has better articulation range and a more sturdy design. But it's not perfect either. While Silver Crow can raise his arms out to the side, it lacks a swivel just below the shoulder, so it can't cross his arms, which reduce the posing options. The Boosted punch and Laser Sword are using essentially identical effect parts, and with the effect of the Laser Sword being so short, you really can't tell the difference.

But overall it is a fine model. Like Black Lotus, Silver Crow has a simple colour scheme with good colour split, so it is easy for spray can painting. One thing to note however, there are quite a number of clearly visible seam lines, which are pretty ugly if left untreated, so prepared to do some work on that.

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