Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Loongon "Legend of Qin" Xiang Yu Model Kit Review

Video Review

Part 1

Part 2


Front view Unpainted 

Very decent level of articulation without the armor, the skirt armors however restrict it quite a lot.  

THe face used here it taken from an old 1/100 Gundam model. Beside that, the only thing that could be a copied from other company are the generic style poly-caps, which nowadays is used by so many different companies its hard to say who owns the design anymore. 

The kit's armor parts are prepainted with gold detail, as well as a generous amount of gold chromed parts. However the pre-painting is only restricted to the bigger parts, and not very well done in certain places... 

 ...while the chrome parts and the prepainted parts' spruce placement means that spruce marks are very noticeable.

And if you are wondering why I use a Gundam face insteaad, here is the original face....... yeah....


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