Monday, 11 February 2013

Bandai SD 034 Shin Chouryu Gelgoog - 張遼

Unarmed Form


Armed Form

Basic Armor 

Fully armed with all weapons.

Giant Glaive: 鳳龍双刃刀

Cloak: 鳳凰天舞

Transform into...

Battle Shield Form

Glaive Double End Form: 両長巻形態

Separately, the Glaive: 龍身刀
and the Blade: 鳳鉤刀

The short term allies. It might only last for a while, but together they rival all, even Ryofu.


Chouryu is given some interesting storyline in the TV anime, which brought out a lot of character. His strength, as well as his sense of honour and respect for those with strength is played out well during their battle against Enshou, where Chouryu and Kanu break through the trap filled forward base, as well as battling Ryofu, Chouryu's ex-teamate.

The kit has a lot to offer, with a good selection of armor and weapons. The poseability is poor though, thanks to the bulky legs and the cloak, while looks nice, hamper the articulation of the arms. The colour scheme favours slight more towards painting than just using stickers, with more details needing paints than those covered with stickers.

Chouryu has quite a bit of shelf presense, and I would recommend him.


  1. Hello Ryc03!

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now checking out your Sangokuden SD Gundam model kits!

    I didnt know how else to contact you but I was wondering if you knew the best place to get these kits? Most of the really cool ones are all sold out on (especially your Kouchuu Gundam).Hope you could give me some advice.. Thanks!

    I guess you could reach me here at


  2. Sorry I meant to say, Kou Turn-X ****

  3. Hi Ryc03, do you have any tutorial on your blog? Can you point me to it? Also, do you have a listing of your equipment or paint used? I am a big fan of your work, but can't seem to get my collection to look like your's or look like the picture from the box. Any tips? I'm currently using markers only. My panel line looks uneven and thick. Here are some of my collection.

    1. I have created something a bit like a tutorial for my Game Workshop High Elf Dragon. Not exactly the same as painting Gundam model kit, but the tools are similar.

    2. Thanks but I was more interested to find out how you do panel lines for your gundam.