Monday, 24 December 2012

Guniki SD Musha Crossbone X-2 Review - Painted

Completed and painted

Front View

Back View

Head Crest Detail

Chest Detail

Back Detail

Weapon: Right-hand: Demon Blade - 鮫
 Left-hand: Silver Wolf

Glaive - Unnamed

Mouth piece can be taken off.....

..... to allow the alternative Demon Blade to be held in the mouth.

Helmet off.


So I have complete X-2. As mentioned in the previous unpainted review, the fit is not perfect, but the painting process is not too bad at all. In X-2's case, because I am used to build colour over a black primer, X-2's colour scheme matches me very well, and the while painting process took a little more than 3 nights. I have yet to finish painting all the swords however (still the daggers and evil form's blades and backpack to do), I'll show them after Christmas.

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  1. Thanks to your review, I also bought two crossbones and completed assembling and further painting. Even thougt I spent time to deal with a few hard and stiff policaps, these models succeed to realize original ones described in the magazine, Gundam Weapons.