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Bandai SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Zanki Review

Now THAT'S an Axe!

Video Review

Weapon Blade: Ongeki-Shingen Retsuzan (音激真弦 烈斬)

Ongeki Zan Raiden Zanshin!
音撃斬 雷電斬震


I like Kamen Rider. When I was little I watched Kamen Rider Black and Black RX on Hong Kong TV Saturday Saturday morning before going out with my parents to visit my grandparents. In the older Showa Era of Kamen Rider, the sense of a lone, harden warrior is always very strong. Something that the Heisei Era Rider don't always portrait. Zanki, though is probably what I would say as the toughest Rider for a long time. Although we never really see him in his prime (by the time we are introduced to him, his is already retiring), even as a supporting role we see how influential he is to his student Todoroki.

As for the figure? I think the SIC rendition is perfect for the Oni Rider, and doubly so for Zanki. The pearl (Miozora) effect colour is very well simulated here, and the organic design of SIC emphasize the very organic nature of the Oni form body even more. Being a rather small figure, the paint detail is pretty good, but I think there are plenty more detail I can pick out with a bit of paint myself. The articulation is pretty good as well, with only the slightly restrictive hip and elbow joints being the only troubling point. It comes with enough alternatice hands and the 2 form of his Restsuzan for his signature pose. Although a alternative piece to plug into his belt to show the pick up taken out for Guitat form would be even better.

the SIC Kiwami Tamashii Todoroki is essentially a repaint of Zanki ( but with an extra belt piece to sho Todoroki before receiving the Restsurai and its pick up from Zanki.) Although they are the same mode, I would recommend people to get both figure, so that you will have both Master and Student together.

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