Monday, 10 December 2012

Guniki SD Musha Crossbone X-2 Review - Unpainted

Unarmed Form

Armed Form (Evil version)


Armed Form (True Form)



So here are a few comments on this kit so far assembled straight from the box:

The detail on this kit is very good. Some of the runner gate is a bit big, which ruined some of the detail, but not bad at all overall. The optional parts to form the "evil" version of Musha X-2, as well as the X-3 is welcomed, although the need to disassemble the backpack and the head crest in order to swap parts makes it more "Optional" than "Play Gimmick". The polycaps' fit are a bit too tight for the size of the ball joints moulded, making the joint perhaps too fragile and risk breakage in the future. there are also some flash problem with the blades parts, but that's easy to amend. The one whole piece sticker is rather a problem however, as cutting all the individual stickers out would require a lot of effort, much more than just simply paint the kit.

I think in conclusion, this kit is really for experienced modeller only (like most 3rd party and KO kits). But if you really want to get your hand on a SD Musha X-1 and X-2, these should still be easier to work with than the resin version.

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