Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kotobukiya HMM Command Wolf Irvine Custom WIP Part 3

A little bit of update.

Head and tail are painted and coated with matt coat. I was a bit lazy to paint the gold claw, so for now I just put a bit of Gundam marker gold on them. I might do something proper on them later on.

My little Brook is in the photo to keep to add some bright colour into the shot, otherwise the dark object + black background will end up making the camera over-exposed (That's my excuse)

The wonder of Future floor polish. There was a bit of paint spattered onto the cockpit cover, to get the paint off I had to sand it. then I drench the clear part with the floor polish, tilt it vertical and soak up the excess. Now it look clear again, and in fact more shiny. I'll give it another coat later.

Red parts are painted first with Citadel foundation range's Mechrite Red, then dry-brushed with Blood Red.

Next thing to do: Exhaust!. Being a part I rarely touch, I decided that I will use the MGM Chrome Powder on them. See the different between Silver+clear varnish (top) against Silver+clear varnish+MGM Powder (Bottom)

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