Monday, 15 October 2012

Kotobukiya HMM Command Wolf Irvine Custom Review (Painted)

Completed at last!

Unpainted Video Review:

Zoid Core removable

Turret removed.

Cockpit can be opened, and control stick can move up. a prepainted mini figure of irvine is included in the set (not shown)

Alternative turret.

Both turrets save cocpit as well.

This took quite a bit of time, as I decided to fully painted this kit instead of a more selective painting i usually do for model kits.

So like all HMM Zoids, the kit is very detailed and comes with enough colour even in bare plastic form. The part deparation is good, and the overall look of the Command Wolf looks great. The kit comes with the gold plated claws and piston, adding some much needed colour to the overall dark colours scheme (although I painted over the pistons...). There are plenty of gimmicks as well, with a lot of point of articulations.

So what's bad? Well, you can definitely see that this is an earlier Zoid model from Kotobukiya. Because there are some very odd joints in this kit. the neck looks like it's enapping off when posed tilting upward. The head is more or less locked in place because of the joint parts with the neck. The back legs can't pose too much because it will bang onto the exhaust pipes. The individual paws also don't tilt sideway enough for more dynamic pose. The long range rifle turret also don't move much at all due to the length and shape getting too close to the head and exhaust, although this is probably the intended design.

Oh, and the prepainted Irvine is not very well painted at all. It's also a bit too rubbery.

Overall though, I do think the Command Wolf is a good Kotobukiya kits. One just has to accept that this is not the most dynamic Zoid model from the HMM line. The Irvine Custom is nice, and it's big draw would be the special turret. But if that is not what you care the most, that the standard Command wolf is a much better choice. It is also much cheaper compared to other HMM Zoids, making it a pretty good kit to start with in this model series.

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