Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kotobukiya HMM Command Wolf Irvine Custom WIP Part 2

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The grey mechanical parts are sealed with a matt/satin coat and majority is reassembled. So now I move on to the external armor platings. The parts are first sprayed matt black with the Citadel Chaos Black spray can. Originally I was going to airbrush brown onto the armors, but being a bit lazy with changing out the airbrush, I decided to dry brush instead. a very small amount of Citadel Scorched Brown + minimal water + big brush are used, which gives it a bit of en "rusted" look. To add a bit of contrast I also drubrush a little bit of Boltgun Metal to selective edges, making the armor looking even more scratched up.

BTW, Red brake caliper. This kit is lacking some bright colour, so I thought I might as well.
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From right to left: Unpainted plastic, Matt Black sprayed, Drybrushed with Scroched Brown and Boltgun Metal
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The armro plating looks pretty good to me at the moment, but I might wash it with black afterward to make the panel line more visible, and the armor pieces a darker colour tone in general.

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