Friday, 6 July 2012

Bandai HG 1/144 Gundam Dynames Review

Video Review


HG Gundam Dynames seems to have taken que on the failing of the HG Gundam Exia, and resolve it, namely, the shoulder-torso joint piece connection. On Exia, the side torso pieces just hang there between the central torso and the shoulder piece, where here it is a solid piece that joint solidly to the torso main piece on one side, and the shoulder piece on the other. This change seems to continue on to future Gundam 00 kits, such as he Nadleeh and Virtue.

Accessory wise Gundam Dynames is a bit lacking, with only the GH Sniper Rifle and the Full Shield parts. There are 2 Beam Saber handles as well, but there are no beam effect parts. The biggest omission however, are the GN beam pistols and holsters, which would add a lot more options to the kit.

Overall though, HG Gundam Dynames is a solid release that capture the look and feel of the machine in the TV series. It would be much better if they give us all the accessories though...

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