Friday, 20 July 2012

Kotobukiya P.S.O. 1/12 RAcaseal Shino ver. APSY Review

Video Review

 Katana: Akito (Real?)


Mechgun: H&S25 Justice

MAGS: Varaha

Fist Weapon (name unknown)

knuckle is poseable, closed fists and open hands included. Thumbs on the open hands are poseable as well

New to the RAcaseal kit lines: flat bottom shoe style feet. Although Shino is depicted to use the high heel style feet.

Changes between Elenor and Shino, including head, chest piece, front torso and skirt
Back view showing more of the new skirt and back connerction piece for MAGS 

Side view of the new skirt piece

Although very tight, the kit can use a Figma standard stand to mid-air pose.

Taking the cue from building Elenor, I approach Shino with some idea of what to look out for. So all hinge and joint parts are examined for tightness, and are filed down to ensure a good fit without being overly tight.

Shino this time rough has a lot more prepainted parts, namely the pre-decaled face and 3 eye pieces, and prepainted skirt armors. Oddly though, the Section ID markings that were waterslide decals, are now clear backed stickers, which is less well trimmed and actually harder to apply.

Like last time, all weapons and accessories are molded in 1 colour. Fortunately, beside the MAGS, the colour scheme of all the weapons are simple. Following the trend of the Shots and Handgun I did with Elenor, I also replaced the photon tube on the H&S25 Justice Mechguns with clear plastic.

The MAGS Varaha, although consists of 5 colours, is relatively easy to paint. thanks to the well defined panel lines, and do look good on Shino (wish that there are more type of MAGS in this kit though, so I can give one to Elenor...)

Overall, Shino gives you more parts and options than Elenor (Shino comes with all the parts for Elenor (molded in dark blue) except for the weapons). The odd decision with the sticker sheet aside, this is a great kit for fans of PSO with some model building experience.

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