Saturday, 23 June 2012

MC SD Dragon Fighter (Ryujinmaru) Model Kit Review

Video Review (Unpainted)


Note the sticker for the eyes are gold instead of green. The First Edition comes with a duplicate Yellow spruce sprayed in gold. Here I use mostly the gold frame, and the yellow version for the dragon symbols.

Effect parts and stand provided


Yellow Jewel stickers are supplied in the set


Model Comprehend's Dragon Fighter model kit seems to be a combination of the Ryujinmaru Resin kits with joint design cues taken from the Robot Damashii version. The end result is pretty satifying, capturing the visual design of Ryujinmaru from the show very well, while having added level of articulation not available on the resin kit or the original model kit release way back. The clear parts and jem stickers really stands out on the kit, and the supplied stand also add to the variety.

But there are some cons as well.

Majority of the kit is molded in ABS plastic, which is harder to work with, as they react to poly cement much slower than Polystyrene. It also for a waxy surface that some people might find it odd or cheap. The joint parts are also not well designed. The shoulder joint parts can sustain force when the armsare attached onto the kit, or when the arms are being posed, but very fragile when you try to pull the parts apart, so take extra care.

Overall, though I think this is a fine kit in the collection of intermediate level model builder, especially fans of the original anime series.

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