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Bandai SD 042 Shin Souretsutei Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam - 真 翔烈帝 龍装 劉備 ガンダム Review

Video Review Part 1

Video Review Part 2

Standard Form - Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam

Weapon - Swords
Gold - 龍帝劍 (sealed)
Blue - 真爪龍刀

龍帝劍 (Awaken)

Horse - Tekiro 的盧

Reasonable level of articulation due to the transformation need later on.

Heavenly Sovereign - Shin Ryuukihou 真‧

Combine with Tekiro to form a larger version of the Dragon Form

Personally. I think the connection between the back half of the dragon and Tekiro could be better

Emperor Form - Shin Souretsutei Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam  真 翔烈帝 龍装 劉備 ガンダム

Default Emperor Form

Dragon Emperor Sword's final form - 天翔龍帝劍

龍神型態 - Strongest Attack Form

All of thge Shin Ryuukihou can now be mounted onto Ryuubi, unlike the original Emperor Form Ryuubi and Ryuukihou.

龍護型態 - Strongest Defensive Form

Twin Sword:
Red - 真赤龍翔神刀 
Blue - 真青龍烈斬刀
龍駿型態 - Highest Mobility / Flight Form



Finally getting the 3rd Emperor of the 3 Kingdom series.

As many knows, Ryuubi is regarded a bit like the central character of the Novel, although truth be told, his war record pales in comparison to the others. The nation he eventually established after the Red Cliff was probably the weakest amongst the 3. But in the novel, he is protrayed as a just character with people loyal to him at his side, who helps him along the way.

So this kit includes the armor for the normal Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam as well as the Heavenly Sovereign Armor Shin Ryuukihou, and his ride Tekiro. The overall set has plenty of Chrome parts and clear parts for visual impact.

Also, unlike the original Ryuukihou, this Shin version is designed to be completely mounted to Ryuubi. The end result might look a bit busy, but it is certainly a better option than looking for another place to keep the unused armor parts, then later regret loosing them. Weapon has also gain a major visual upgrade.

Another new inclusion is the 3 differenct forms available. Shin Ryuukihou is, in essense 3 pairs of shoulder armors + winged backpack + chest armor + front skirt armor. By using different shoulder armor, Ryuubi can take one 1 of 3 forms.

Tekiro is also given a major overhaul, with added articulation and a combination gimmick with Shin Ryuukihou. Although the combined dragon form still leaves something to be desired.

Overall, this is a major improvement, and probably the definitive version of Ryuubi out of the whole line. The generous amount of special parts is very welcomed, and the playability is also high.

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