Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kotobukiya SRWOG 1/144 WildRaubtier Review

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Personal Trooper / Mechanoid Form



Flyer Mode


WildRaubtier is probably the ancestor to both the WildWurger and WildFalken, but suffer a bit in the storyline as the Starter/backup unit for Ryuusei and Latooni is Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2. Even in the storyline, it's construction was put on hold to hasten the R-1 development in Original Generation 1. So it's not a big suprise this model didn't sell, making it a rather good bargain.

One thing I did not realised is that it is actually pretty small compared to the WildWurger and WildFalken, shorter by mode athan a head's height (it is still a touch bigger than normal 1/144 HG Gundam model though). Armament is also a bit thin, with only a shield and a long beam rifle.

It's biggest gimmick would be the transfomation into Flyer Mode. The Transformation is very similar to the HG Zeta Gundam, in that the lower torso piece is swapped for a split pieceto space the legs apart, upper torso opens up for the arms to fold in, then the backpack comes in to form the wings. The aesthetic style going for in here though is drastically different. Gone with the slick looking of a wave rider, and in with more of a VTOL or hovercraft-esque bulky look. Personally it is a fine unique look, ofcourse, it'a all about taste.

Molded in colour in most places, the boosters and the head however do have black paint application missing, buit beside that, this kit do not require much painting for a realistic and show accurate look.

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  1. Hmm i don't think Wildraubtier is related at any way with Wurger and Falken since it is only stated that it serve as the test bed for R-1 transformation from my experience with the series so far.

    While it is my least favorite SRW kit, you definitely make a great job for it.