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Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Ninja Fubuki Review

Video Review

Unarmed Form

Fubuki's MMS1st base body has very simple paint scheme. Grey plastic base body, with the chestplate and lower legs in black plastic. All washers are painted in silver, and the lower abdomen is painted black.

Beside the basic short cut hair, Fubuki also comes with a back hair piece with a pair of fox ears. Along with the tail piece, Fubuki makes a lovely "Fox girl".

Armed Form

A loadout of all weapon parts.

Beside the open eyes neutral face, there's also the close eyes/sleeping face.

Alternative front and back hair piece with pegs allows you to wear the mask on the face, forehead and on the back.

Weapon: Kunai. 2 available

Sword. The length is too long for ninja sword or Katana. It's probably a Nodachi.

Left: Red scarf is a first production exclusive bonus. While it look nice, it raise the head quite a bit, so the head only barely plugged into the neck and it's very loose.
Right: Weapon: Scythe.

Weapon: Giant Shuriken


Fubuki is an interesting one. Originally the starter character you get in the "Busou shinki Battle Rondo" online game, it did not recieve a figure release for the longest time. Perhaps it has generate enough fandom in the game, Konami finally decided to release her as a KonamiStyle webshop exclusive.

Unfortunately, it is evident that Konami decided to simply the colour scheme of the base body when they translate Fubuki into an action figure, so she don't look exactly like her counterpart in the game. But that's a minor niggle compared to the well detailed armor parts and fine selections of accessories.

In keeping with Fubuki's personality, there is only 2 facesculpts. Alternative hair pieces with pegs allows Fubuki to wear the mask in a variety of positions.

Being a Webshop exclusive, she is rather difficult to find now. But fear not, as Fubuki is reimagined into a futuristic ninja with a MMS 2nd body, called "Fubuki Type 2", released recently as a normal release.

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