Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kotobukiya Frame Arms NSG-04σ Weisheit Review

Combine! Goblin and Ostrich!..... Wha?


Front / Rear Views.

Left over parts from Kobold and Strauss that is not used on Weisheit

Articulation is average. Ankle armors, being stationary, prevent the feet to bend forward, limiting poseability.

Main weapon includes head cannon of Strauss, and Kobold cannons.


Painting required is minimal. Dark drey is painted to metallic just for taste. White added to all the fin parts. eyes painted in silver with clear orange. dry transfer leftover from other kits used to detail the kit up.


So, I will be frank; Weisheit looks great, it's colour sheme blends the parts of the 2 kits beautifully. But I don't like it. I don't like that fact that there is so many left over parts remain in order to create Weisheit. It is also a shame that to create Weisheit, I have to "sacrifice" both Kobold and Strauss, which I likes. This overall makes it feels like a net loss to me.

What is also odd here is that Weisheit can't get into too much pose. The ankle armor prevents the feet from tilting forward. Combine with the heavy cannons on the back, and I found that Weisheit can only do relatively tame pose.

Overall, this is a great gimmick, and it works really well visually, and I am certain that somone will favour Weisheit. But for me, I'm keeping Kobold and Strauss.

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  1. So far i think this guy is the best looking Frame Arms for now until some new model that Yanase is going to release. If kotobukiya could make the kit more beginner friendly, i bet the lineup would be more popular.

    anyway Great Review!