Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kotobukiya Frame Arms NSG-25γ Strauss Review


Now here is a Frame Arms that look nothing like anything else!

Strauss' name in German essentially means "Ostrich", but in depth, it is strictly a German surname, originated from the name of the building the particular family occupied, which had a symbol of an ostrich on it's decoration. How much of it is true is debatable, but Strauss here is definitely as odd as it's name origin.

Inside it is still using the Type-01 Frame that has been used since day one of Frame Arms, but with several major part re-positioning:
- Knee joints are reversed.
- Lower torso is turned backward.
- Shoulder and upper arms are attached to the knee joints, with the feet parts attached to the end.
- Connection points for the arms are turned upside-down, and the lower arms are attached to them directly.

The end result makes Strauss' legs extra long, while the arms tiny. Coupled with the very long "head" attached on the neck joint, and we got ourselves a raptor/ostric hybrid.

So, what are the bad point? Well, first of all, there is almost no weapon coming with Strauss. Beside the small gun under the "head", there are essentially no other integrated weapon (at least for Kobold you can use the 2 arm cannons, or claim its fists are its weapon). Strauss is also not easy to pose beyond a few striding and standing pose due to its odd balance.

Overall, It is NOT really for everyone beside those liking the unique look (and I am one of those), or if the combination gimmick with Kobold is your thing. Beside that, it might not be very justifyable to get Strauss over any other Frame Arms models...

Mind you, it is well at home placed next to HMM Zoid models!

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