Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kotobukiya Frame Arms NSG-12α Kobold Review


Kobold (meaning a Goblin/Dwarf in German) is probably one of the odder looking Frame Arms today. While it is using the same base frame all other Frame Arms are using, it has its lower arms and lower legs position swapped. With the upper torso also lean forward and plug into the lower torso, it instantly change the overall silhouette of the mech. Adding the exposed frames here and there, extra large arms and armor parts that seems to "drape" on instead of mouted on, and we get a creepy looking mech befitting the name.

So, to the bad point. The waist articulation is gone because the uper and lower torso are linked. the kit is rater top heavy with a tendency to lean backward. While there are a pair of cannon part to swap the hands out, technically there are no other weapon for Kobold. Also there is 2 small bit of white paint application that is missing on the 2 grey parts on the torso, which should have been easily be prepainted by Kotobukiya beforehand, and would greatly benefit the straight-builders.

But overall, Kobold is a great addition to the Frame Arms line. Not to mention it's gimmick does not end here....


  1. Do you have the Frame Arms Strauss? i recall that mech is meant to be paired with Kobold.

    1. I do have Strauss. Review of it and the combined form will come later this week.