Saturday, 31 March 2012

Kotobukiya 1/144 Ikaruga (White) Model kit Review

Video Review

Part 1

Part 2

Work in Progress

Part list before priming and painting

Magnet installation to act as electricity connection

LED installation

Left: indivitual LEDs with resistors.
Right: LED with fibre optics for lighting up the guns.

Painted view

 Thanks to the magnet joint, Ikaruga can still be detached from the base stand.

Landing gears deployed


One thing is certain: This is one of the most electronically involved model I gave ever built. It's not that installing LEDs are hard, but it's more like cramping 14 LEDs and resistors into a model is not easy at all. But I'm glad that I have done it.

The model is highly detailed to begin with, with part separated ver well in almost all cases to help facilitate painting. And despite this being a sfight model, it has articulations. Just like in the game, the engines and "wings" can arxh back, while the engine cover can be detached and reattached in open position to show the "Energy Release" attack. The landing gear can move slightly, and part swap between landing and in flight position.

Do note however, that Ikaruga is not really a casual build. about 50% of this kit requires glue. And while it is molded in colour, the kit do not look right unless painted and weathered. Also ,a note of warning: the decals on the wings do not react well with repeat application of decal softener, as the blue pigment on the decals actually slightly bleached out to reveal the red pigments underneath. But, if you are a fan of Sci-Fi vehicle and has some experience in more "sdvanced" models, this is a great addition to your collection.

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  1. Incredible. You have inspired me. I'm going to make this.