Saturday, 7 April 2012

Atelier-Sai Gene-Block 09 - Dead Claw/ Dead Fang Review

Dead Claw

Dead Fang

Using the left over components after assembling Dead Fang, there are enough parts to create a reduced version of Dead Claw.


Every now and then I will come across toyline that I wonder why they are almost never heard of, and what would happen if they ever take off. Atelier-Sai's Gene-Block is one such line. The idea is simple, building "blocks" hat are assembled via ball joints, and blocks comes in a large style and variety on plastic spruces. It works suprisingly well to make your own action figures with good level of articulation.

Unfortunately, this line never seems to gather enough interest. It was reinvented in various lines, such as the BJPM Gunshell line, and even the Mode-Lock line by involving mecha anime series licenses, but neither really attract enough attention and sales to break into the main market.

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