Friday, 23 March 2012

Bandai 012 LBX Fenrir Model Kit Review

Video review
Part 1

Part 2

Overall View

Close Up

The long tail actual helps a lot in stability and weight balancing.

Main Weapon: Dominion Rifle

While lower body poseability is limites, the upper body is great, allowing Fenrir to pose in a wide variety of aiming pose.

So here is my second LBX model kit review. After the humanoid LBX The Emperor, here is the animalistic LBX Fenrir, the sucessor unit to the LBX Hunter.

Personally one of my favourite design, Fenrir was molded mostly in colour just like Emperor, with a good number of stickers to fill out the missing detail. The top half of Fenrir is essentially very similar to the Emperor beside the neck connection point is horizontal instead of vertical.

The legs are however, very different to the Emperor, with the sharp bending ankles and heel supports distinquish the "Wild Frame" from the "Knight Frame"

One thing to note though, is that Fenrir's Dominion Rifle is moulded in only in black, and would need some paint to do it justice. 

Another complain here is that the legs, while look good and is articulated, don't actually give a big range of movement for the lower torso.

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  1. do you know how to make custom LBXs of "Fenrir Flare" & "Jeanne D"?!! i sent u a TY message, not sure if u got it!