Saturday, 5 November 2011

Updates: HK Trip 2011 - Part 01

Thought that I should post some update about the trip in HK I'm having right now.

Currently I'm staying in an area of HK outside the busy area with my relatives. There is a town nearby but even thqt is far from being 'tranquil' instead it's probably far more busy than some of the busy towns in UK. Today I've visited Mong Kok and nearby areas guided by my cousins and friends, and bought a few things. Also we encountered the "Enterbay" store, showing a 1/3 scale Terminator act with. Also encountered there is a shop with a translated name that is rather.... questionable....
Also, a bonus for living in the 'rural' area is the bunch of cat. Cute bunch, some are much easier to get closs to.

Got list so far:
LBX The Emperor
LbX Fenrir
HG 1/144 Zudah

more later

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