Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bandai SD 311 Chou'un Gundam - 趙雲 ガンダム Review

Unarmed Form

The head crest can also be removed for a more generic looknig head.
On an interesting note is the styling of his initial "趙", which forms a spear on each side.

Armed Form

A rather unique assymetrical chestplate design.

Chou'un is armed with 2 spears

Blue Spear - 風 (Wind)
Res Spear - 山 (Mountain)

Combined the spears form the Long Halberd - 無双戟・嵐 (Storm)

Additional Part - Aura of Dragon
3 pieces or armor that add to Chou'un to replicate the "V2 Buster" look

To replicate the "Aura", I decided to continue the review with the Clear plastic version, which is part of the Chou'un and Koumei "Red Cliff" Clear version set.

From the front, the Dragon Aura looks like it is coiling arond Chou'un

The Dragon Aura can also be combine and attach to the halberd to simulate the energy gathering before the final attack.

Final Attack: 龍激導

Chou'un is one of the more well known character in the Three Kingdom history and novel, famous as a powerful warrior that become one of Ryuubi's Five Tiger General. Here his power and essense is recreated in SD Gundam form.

Compared to some SD Sangokuden kit released so far, Chou'un benefit a lot with painting, even though there are a reasonable amount of stickers. The gold rims on the wings and the tip of the spears would look especially dull if not for the paint applications. Once painted up, Chou'un is full of bold and intricate details. the theme of V2 gundam is also very prominent as well, which is always a good thing. (I like V2 Gundam by the way)

In the end, I would recommend Chou'un to anyone for his generous armor counts and intricate details, but with a bit of forewarning that paints are almost a "must" for this one. also, DO consider getting a clear version of the Dragon Aura, because it really adds to the feel.

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