Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Konami Busou Shinki MMS Type Devil Succubus Valona Review

Unarmed form

Painted details on the torso.

2 facial expressions available: smiling and blushing (embarassed/tsundere?)

Tied-up hairs on each side are plugged in and poseable

Armed Form

Armor main consist of backpack wings, "bat wings" head accessories, small "pouches" for the thighs, flexible tail, replacement chest piece and feets.

The wings are jointed at multiple points, and there are 2 plug in position on the backpack.

Weapon: poleaxe.

Wings and poleaxe can combine, with the wings forming giant scythe blades.

Wing pieces can also replace the arms entirely, the wings can also double as pincers.

So here's Valona, or what most people describe her as "Strarf's Little Sister", and they are sort of right. Except Valona is as tall as Strarf because they use the same MMS 1st body. Maybe she will be re-designed as a MMS 3rd Short? Don't know, but nice thought though.

Valona is one of the 2 in Wave 1 of the Light Armor series, appearing when standard Busou Shinki are approaching the 4000yen mark, and the EX armor sets are being criticized for the difficulty of getting Naked bodies use. Light Armor are intended to replace EX and become the "budget" range, ~2500yen Busou Shinki line. Unfortunately, Light Armor and standard sets are now slowly merging again (in terms of price at least....)

While lacking armor, Valona has a charm that not a lot of Busou Shinki got. The blushing face certainly gives he a lot of character, and the multiple way of using her wings also add to playability.

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