Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Atelier Sai Duel Maid DX Carrera Ver.3 Review

Standard Condifuration. Weapon: Assault Rods 3 Combined form.

Articulation in general is reasonable. all the required joints are there. The Skirt are jointed, which gives the legs some room to position. The elbows can only bend up to 85 degrees, and the ankle joints are a bit loose to hold Carrera's weight in more dynamic poses.

Included mini stand help omproves the articulation, It is composed of a flat round disc and a wedge piece, which can be used as 1 piece or separate to be used individually.
Right: 2 facial expression are provided: neutral/smiling, and angry/shouting

2 alternative short skirts are available, one drape down in a more resting position, and the other one shown here with a more dynamic floating effect. a different lower torso is used to utilise these 2 skirt parts.
Also shown here Assault Rods separated into Tonfars.

Without the hindrance of the long skirt, Carrera and put on some extreme poses.
Beside the Assault Rods 3, a pair of earlier generation handheld Assault Rods and a pair of leg mounted energy plades are also included, and can bee used by Carrera or any other Duel Maid Trading and DX figures.


Atelier Sai are sometimes probably too ambitious. In the attempt to go from the trading figure market to the action figure market, they did the jump without actually improving the trading figure quality!

But firstly, there are many positive things. Carrera do look very good, the weapons, like any other Dual Maids', are nicely painted and look good. The paint job of the figure and the weapons are also pretty well done. There are enough articulation and accessories to play around with.

So, what are the bad points? Well, she is expensive. Her retail price is many times more than the individual Duel Maid trading figures, but her size and sonetime joint looseness suggest otherwise.

I will leave the recommendation open for people here. Personally, I got her for a very low sale price, and I would not recommend  this to anyone at the original retail price. The look and theme, are of course, an acquired taste as well.


  1. thanks for the review ^^ sorry, how tall is she?

    1. She is about the same height as the regular Revoltech figures, at around 13-14cm tall.