Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Revoltech Fraulein Idolm@ster 1/12 Miki Hoshii Action Figure Review

Miki Hoshii from the game and anime series "The Idolm@aster" This is the Black Gothic version, i.e. the standard version. Also available is the limited "Pink Strawberry" version, which is a simple colour repaint.

Miki Stand quite well on her own without the stand, despite the common concern about the Revoltech Fraulein line figures having weak joints.

In line to Miki's personality in the game and anime series, Miki's clothing is leaning towards a more bold styling, which actually gives her a good range of movement.

Skirt is made of soft rubbery plastic and split to front and back half, so leg movement is pretty good overall.

The well known (and infamous) fraulein shoulder joints take some getting use to to fully utilise them. the problem though, is still how unsightly they are compared to other toylines' attempt.

Like all other Fraulein Idolm@ster figures, Miki comes with manay accessories, plus some extra
(some are not shown here)

Include in this set:
2 facial expressions (neutral smile, happy)
2 hairstyles (normal long blonde hair as seen in majority of the game and anime, cut back un-dyed brown hair in later stage of the game)
6 right hands, 7 left hands
Pink cat-ears, black collar, mini wings for the ankles (not shown), giant blue cat paws (not shown)

By mixing with other Fraulein Idolm@ster accessories you can collect various "sets" of accessories for the characters.

The alternative hairstyle Miki, also called the "Awaken- Miki".

While not as stand out as the long Blonde hairstyle, it does got its own charm, and it also add more to the movement range of the neck joint.


While Initially I picked up the Revoltech Fraulein toy only on a whim (the first being Tohsaka Rin, that was on 70% off sale at the time), I have to say that I believe the Fraulein line were judged rather unfairly across the whole line due to the poor QC of the first couple of releases.

The Idolm@ster releases, being made around the middle and late of the toyline's lifespan, shows what improvements were made to the line along the way, and Miki, being the last of the Idolm@ster releases, is a great figure overall. the problem with the weak / broken knee and elbow joints are gone here and the back piece that holds the inside shoulder joint is now very secure.

Although there is still the problem of the slightly confusing shoulder joint, and the knee joints' cutting are still a bit glaring, like many other action figure toylines, one would grow used to them. (I used to thingk Figma's elbow joints are sticking out like giant tumor as well, but other (and eventually me as well) seems to accept it without problem.

Not to mention that I have grew fond of Miki after start watching the anime series (I never got the chance to play the game itself though). Sure she had a rather spoiled and over-confident personality stemmed from her own rather gifted nature, thus making her not needing to work hard in her life before. But her dedication shown it the later stage of the story shows that she has a genuine passion to suceed.

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