Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bandai SD 308 Koumei Re-GZ - 孔明リ・ガズィ Review

 Unarmed Form

2 Face plate is available, one depicting Re-GZ, while the other depicts Hi-Nu Gundam, which Koumei's true form is based on.

As this is a clear kit, I decided to experiment with the painting method. Silver are painted to the inside of all the parts, leaving the outside with minimal paint addition and a clear satin coat.

Armed Form
Fan - 爆凰扇

2 bamboo scrolls are included. 1 rolled up, 1 open.

The Fan can transform into a bird mecha - 爆凰機

A soft plastic rod is supplied to connect to the backpack and the bird mecha to depict flying pose.
Additionally the fan can also connect ot Koumei's back as wings.
Final attack - 爆凰烈羽 is initiate in this state, where feathers shoots out as homing missiles.


Clear version of Koumei Re-GZ. To be honest, I was not expecting much from this. The real reason I bought this is to get the clear dragon effect part for Chouun Gundam that this is twin packed with.

Overall though this is reasonable. The armor count is rather low, and the hands supplied are difficult to use for any pose. And being a clear kit the painting process are rather complex. But the gimmick with the fan is pretty good. The details on his body and armor are pretty nice.

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