Wednesday, 19 October 2011

No New Post Today, But...

I am not building much plastic model kit this few weeks (I am however, messing around with a resin kit I got ages ago). But the main reason is because I'm preparing my trip to Hong Kong in November. So I have been "holding out" buying stuff.

Having said that... here's a list of model I have YET to touch:

1/144 HG Virtue (spare kit)
1/100 Astray Mirage Frame
1/1700 EX Albion
1/550 HG Mechanic Neue Ziel
SD Hyakin Ryuuseiba/ Sangokuden horse (EDIT: added 20/10/2011)

1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam EVOLVE

1/144 Ikaruga static kit
1/144 Wild Raubtier
1/72 Frame Arms Kobold
1/72 frame Arms Strauss

Other Plastic:
Super vehicle 001 (Metal Slug)
KO MG Unicorn Gundam
KO bazooka set for MG Shinanju
KO Beam Gatling set for MG Unicorn Gundam
1/72 Vic Viper Green Sky Girl anime version (EDIT: Added 20/10/2011)

Resin Kit:
1/8 Arika Comic Version (My-Otome)
Unscale Anryu Full Action (GaoGaiGar)
1/8 Natsuki Kuga (My-HiME)

Not a short list eh? it gets better though, here are things (models and action figure) I have preordered already:

1/12 Rockman Zero (Rockman Zero)
1/12 RaCaseal Shino (Phantasy Star Online)

Max Factory:
Figma Black Rock Shooter Game Version

MMS Type Ninja Fubuki Type 3

And here's my target list of stuff to look for when I'm in Hong Kong (Red are focus, Green are low priority):


1/144 HG Arios
1/144 HG GN Archer
1/144 HG Gafran x 2!!
EX 1/144 Hildolfr (my Grail Kit)
LBX Konoichi
LBX Hunter
LBX Inbit
LBX Emperor
LBX Archilles
LBX Joker
LBX Odin
LBX Pandora
LBX Fenrir (yes... I more or less named all the Danball Senki's kits...)
SD Shuu Gundam set
Any SD Sangokuden kit I come across really...
Either SD Keroro Robo Mk2 set ot Musha Keroro Robo Set
MG Deathscythe EW

SD Saber kit
Any Virtual On kit that is on sale (fingercrossed for a Specineff!)
SD GaoGaiGar
SD Ingrim

.. yeah.... I think I need to shorten this list somehow...

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